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7 Things You Should Know Before Traveling Internationally for the First Time

The first time I traveled internationally was a quick jaunt to Cancun with friends. I remember the excitement I felt about finally using my passport and having fun in a new country with friends. I also remember feeling somewhat nervous about the process. Did I have everything I needed? (I did.) Would I need to convert my money? And if so, how would I know if I was getting the right amount? (I didn’t.) Was I sure about the rules on what I could and couldn’t bring into and out of the country? (Nope, and I got detained as I entered the U.S. again. Fun times!)…. And a plethora of other questions that I had about my first international trip.

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Best Beach Destinations to Visit During Hurricane Season

While hurricane season is varies from year to year, this particular hurricane season has been overwhelmingly devastating, especially for islands in the Caribbean. I'm not a meteorologist so I won't go into super detailed specifics about how hurricanes are formed, etc., but typically the Atlantic hurricane season is from June to November, with September being one of the most active months for hurricane-like weather.

The Caribbean is very popular to travel to during hurricane season mainly because its the end of summer vacation and prices are typically cheaper. But because you never really know what hurricane season will be like when you plan ahead, here are some alternative beach destinations that will allow you to still get your beach fix without the increased threat of damaging weather.

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$11 Flights and Other Advantages of Southwest Rapid Rewards

I've always been a huge fan of Southwest Airlines. From the great customer service to awesome flight deals to no baggage fees or cancellation fees, Southwest ranks at the top of my favorite U.S. based airlines.  A few years ago, I decided to join Southwest's Rapid Rewards Program to start earning points on my flights. I didn't fly often, but figured that the few points I did earn per flight would be better than not earning any at all. After a few months, I started researching more about Southwest's Rapid Rewards and learned about the benefits of this rewards program. You can use your Rapid Rewards points to redeem flights and only pay the taxes..which for domestic flights total $11.20 Since I've signed up, I've traveled to San Diego, Denver, Puerto Rico and New York City on $11.20 flights! 

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The Southwest Companion Pass: Why It's Amazing and How to Earn It!

If you read my post where I gushed about the benefits of Southwest Rapid Rewards, you'll remember that I mentioned the Southwest Companion Pass and the need to dedicate an entire post to this holy grail of rewards travel. At the time of writing this post, I do not have a Companion Pass...but I've been strategically earning and positioning myself (well, Marcus) to get one in January. I hope to be able to update this with good news next month!

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How to Travel More in 2017 While working full time

A few days ago, a co-worker came into my office and asked "How do you find the time and money to travel so often?" While this wasn't a new question for me (my parents ask me the same thing all the time), it did make me think about how I've learned to incorporate travel into my lifestyle. To be honest, I don't travel nearly as much as I'd like to. These past couple of months of travel have been more like the exception to the rule. Because I work a full-time job that isn't travel-related and does not require me to travel often, I've had to learn to get creative and resourceful when incorporating travel into my life. 

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