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$11 Flights and Other Advantages of Southwest Rapid Rewards

I've always been a huge fan of Southwest Airlines. From the great customer service to awesome flight deals to no baggage fees or cancellation fees, Southwest ranks at the top of my favorite U.S. based airlines.  A few years ago, I decided to join Southwest's Rapid Rewards Program to start earning points on my flights. I didn't fly often, but figured that the few points I did earn per flight would be better than not earning any at all. After a few months, I started researching more about Southwest's Rapid Rewards and learned about the benefits of this rewards program. You can use your Rapid Rewards points to redeem flights and only pay the taxes..which for domestic flights total $11.20 Since I've signed up, I've traveled to San Diego, Denver, Puerto Rico and New York City on $11.20 flights! 

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