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7 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for 2017

Weddings are expensive, but your honeymoon doesn't have to be! And after dealing with all of the hassles of planning your perfect wedding day, you deserve to have an awesome honeymoon. The key to having an awesome, yet affordable honeymoon is finding the right destination and knowing the best time to go. Here's some honeymoon destinations that won't drain your pockets!

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Adventures on the Amalfi Coast

I haven't always wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast. I honestly didn't even know what/where it was until Jay Z dropped the lyric "it's humorous to me, they watching, we just yachting, hoppin off the Amalfi Coast" in Beyonce's "Upgrade U"  After I heard that lyric, I googled the Amalfi Coast because if I figured if Jay and Bey frequented this place, it's probably pretty magical.

I was right.

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