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7 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for 2017

Weddings are expensive, but your honeymoon doesn't have to be! And after dealing with all of the hassles of planning your perfect wedding day, you deserve to have an awesome honeymoon. The key to having an awesome, yet affordable honeymoon is finding the right destination and knowing the best time to go. Here's some honeymoon destinations that won't drain your pockets!

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Dubai and Abu Dhabi on a Budget

Early Christmas morning in 2014, Etihad Airways had a glitch in their pricing system and airfare to Abu Dhabi was priced super low. SUPER LOW.  When I woke up that morning, I had a number of notifications from the travel Twitter profiles I follow and from my friend Farran who had gotten in on the deal and booked tickets.

While I was fairly new to travel hacking and finding cheap airfare, I knew that a deal like this wouldn't last...and who knew when or if it would happen again!? I told Marcus the amazing news and we talked about it..for two hours. Our conversation was full of questions like:  "Should we go? Should we wait to see if the deal would last? Where is Abu Dhabi? How far is that from Dubai? Are we actually going to Dubai?!" Note* We take a lot less time deciding to book deals now*  We waited so long that we almost missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Finally, in the Bucc-ee's parking lot, we decided to book tickets from New York to Abu Dhabi for $250 a piece. That's cheaper than  roundtrip flight to Houston from Dallas right now. Just saying.

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