9 Free Travel Apps You Need Right Now

Travel apps can be lifesaver when it comes to planning, saving money and navigating destinations on your trip. While it's certainly exciting to encounter the unknown and get lost in a new destination, its also very comforting to have some useful tools on your phone to get you through your trip. There are tons of apps out there to choose from but I've made a list of 10 of my favorite free and most used apps. 



TripIt is like having your personal travel concierge on your phone. You can choose to forward your travel confirmations from your email to plans@tripit.com and all of your reservations will sync with TripIt. This is super helpful when it comes to saving and accessing travel itineraries. There is also an option to upgrade to TripIt Pro which comes with even more features like tracking your rewards points, helping you find the most coveted seats on your flight and credits to access airport lounges and expedited security programs.

Google Maps


Google Maps is awesome in every day and especially when traveling. With Google Maps' new offline feature, you can search for directions and download them to access later where wifi may be non-existent. I've also used Google Maps while traveling to not only find directions for walking and driving, but also busses and ubers!

Converter Plus


Converter Plus is one of the most comprehensive converter apps out there. Not only is this app useful for converting currencies, but also for converting things like speed and distance (I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not fluent in the metric system).  Converter Plus also has handy calculators for tips, fuel consumption and mileage.

Google Translate


Google Translate is definitely one of my favorite apps to date- travel and otherwise. Aside from being able to get translations when you're not connected to the internet, you can also use the camera feature to translate text! I've used this feature in the last 3 countries I visited, and while not perfect, it came in handy when reading signs and menus.



SkyScanner is the app equivalent to the Google Flights web feature. You can search for flights and get real-time info on prices and flight statuses. The alerts feature allows you to get notified any time the price drops on a flight you're interested in taking. And, if you have no clue where you'd like to go, you can type in "Everywhere" and find deals on destinations around the world.



I just recently downloaded this app after constantly forgetting essential items when packing and I love it! PackPoint allows you to enter your travel destination and will provide a packing list based on the length of your travel, the weather at your destination and any activities you have planned during your trip. I used PackPoint for my most recent trip to Denver and packed like a pro. :-)



 AirBnb is a great tool for finding lodging for your trip. If you're unfamiliar with this app, AirBnb allows individuals to rent out rooms, apartments and even homes at a price determined by the specific individual. I've used Airbnb both while traveling and for renting out my apartment and have had amazing experiences doing both. With Airbnb's new Experiences feature, individuals will also be able to book excursions led by local experts.



If you're a points hoarder like I am, AwardWallet is awesome for keeping track of your points earned from all of your frequent flyer, hotel and credit card rewards programs. The new update also allows you to add extras like travel vouchers and gift cards. This app is perfect for knowing how many points you have at all times.



I use Yelp for everything food-related while traveling...and at home! Yelp helps you to find restaurants in your area, read reviews, view menus and even make reservations and order delivery from participating restaurants. Many businesses will even offer coupons or free items just for checking in to their location on Yelp. Just recently in Lisbon I scored a free glass of port for simply checking in while eating dinner. Yelp also has reviews for services and non-food related businesses.


Like I mentioned, these are my faves but there are tons of apps out there that can save you time and money while traveling. Comment below and let me know some of your favorite travel apps!