Read This Before Booking Your All-Inclusive Vacation

All-Inclusive resorts are a great option for all types of vacations. My favorite thing about all-inclusives is that you can pay one price up front, and not have to worry about pulling your wallet out while you're away.  

As I write this, I'm currently sitting on the patio of my hotel room at the beautiful Grand Fiesta Americana All-Inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While I've experienced a few all-inclusive resorts, this is Marcus' first all-inclusive experience, and to say that he is enjoying it would definitely be an understatement. All you can eat AND drink? This is right up his alley!

To date, I've helped over 50 clients book all-inclusive vacations and I get a lot of questions about choosing the right resort. So, if you're thinking about staying at an all-Inclusive resort the next time you travel to Mexico or the Caribbean, here's some things to consider.

Make Sure Your Resort Fits Your Vacation Needs

 If you're honeymooning or heading on a bae-cation, Adults-Only resorts like Excellence Playa Mujeres or Sandals Royal Caribbean offer beautiful rooms and tons of amenities.

If you're going on a family vacay,  kid- friendly resorts like the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana or Moon Palace Cancun often offer supervised programs, kids' and teens' clubs, and nanny/babysitting services.

For bachelorette/bachelor trips, you'll definitely want to choose a resort that has a fun and party-like atmosphere like the Hard Rock Cancun or Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica

If you're wanting a true luxury experience, the over-water bungalows at El Dorado Maroma in the Riviera Maya are breathtaking and the Sandals Royal Bahamian has its own private island.

Choosing a resort that fits your needs can make a huge difference in your vacation experience.


Cheap Doesn't Equal Value

I get lots of requests for "cheap vacations" or "cheap resort packages". And while I do often find great deals, it is important to know that just because a package or resort is cheap, doesn't mean that it's a great value. 

Hear me out.

You may going on vacation to relax on the beach and indulge in good food. Or you might be jaunting away to seek adventure and explore a new place. If you're like me, you may be hopping a plane  for both reasons. Regardless of your reason, if you're spending your coins on a trip, you want it to be an amazing experience. You also want to leave feeling like you got your money's worth. 

Having said that, when I'm planning trips for clients who want all-inclusives, I always recommend resorts that provide the most value and that will allow them to get the most bang for their buck. Are there cheaper options? Of course! But they may have rooms that are falling apart, gross or limited dining options, or horrible service. Or, it may be a perfectly decent resort, but just doesn't fit your specific needs.  If it's not the right fit, you risk not having the type of vacation you envisioned.



Expensive Doesn't Equal Bad Value

Hear me out, again! Lol.

Sometime it's worth spending more to have the type of experience you truly want. For example, when we got to our resort, I realized I accidentally booked us in a room with double beds. Our room was on the far end of the resort and on a lower floor, so the view wasn't as great. We quickly decided that we wanted to upgrade to a king room, on a higher floor with a better view. We paid a little extra and got exactly what we wanted. Even Marcus, who is notoriously tight with the coins, raved about how glad he was that we upgraded and that it was definitely worth the money.

Sometimes, it's worth it to look beyond the price and asses the actual value of what you're getting. Resorts with gourmet dining options, swim out pools, private butlers and top notch service may not be cheap, but may offer the best value for the experience you want.

As you can see, there are many types of all-inclusive resorts to choose from when heading to Mexico or the Caribbean. Are you ready to plan your stress-free all-inclusive vacay? Click below to get started!