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Travel Gift Guide For Any Budget

I love the holiday season! It's always a time of family, fellowship and food :-) With Christmas rapidly approaching, I figured I would share some awesome travel gift ideas for the traveler in your life *or for yourself ;-)* These travel gifts include some of my absolute favorite products for the guys and gals at many different price points. Whether you're buying for a newbie traveler getting ready to embark on their first vacay or a seasoned traveler gearing up for the next big (or small adventure), these goodies are sure to have you covered!

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I've officially entered my thirties and it doesn't feel like what I thought thirty was supposed to feel like. When I entered my twenties, I envisioned that thirty would feel like a high powered job, a husband and a couple of kids, and the random "Sex in the City"- esque nights out with my friends. I was cool with that.  Instead, my 30 looks like a decent job and netflix and chill most nights with my new husband. I'm also cool with that.  Because my twenties taught me a lot of things, but one of the most important lessons I learned was that life has plans that may or may not correlate with my own plans. I can either sulk and complain about it (which I did), or I can adjust, adapt and continue moving forward (which I've most recently decided to start doing.) That seems to be working out better for me.  

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