My Favorite Money-Saving Apps

It seems as though I've been on an unintentional blogging hiatus for the past couple of has picked up and I'm so excited about all the people I'm able to help with their travel plans this year!

As I've been preparing my own travel plans for the year (which includes 3 new places I'm super excited to visit!) I've been searching for easy ways to save some extra cash to have in my pocket while on these trips. Saving extra money hasn't been (and still isn't) the easiest thing for me to do. But these two apps below have been super helpful in getting the ball rolling for me!


Digit is really awesome because it literally allows me to save money while I sleep. I really enjoy the set it and forget it aspect to this app.

How It Works: You download the app and connect your checking account. For the next few days, Digit analyzes your income and spending habits to determine the amounts it can safely put aside for you. Then,based on their findins, Digit will try to move some money from your checking account to your digit account. There's also a no-overdraft guarantee so you never have to worry about over-drafting your account. You can also access the savings anytime and transfer any amount back into your checking account by the next business day.

Here's an example from my own account of how they move money from my checking to my Digit savings.

Here's an example from my own account of how they move money from my checking to my Digit savings.

I've only been a member since December 27th, but I've already saved $476 in my sleep! I've found that I haven't even missed the small amounts they've taken out each month. 

Digit used to be completely free to use, but now they charge $2.99/month for the service. You can try it for free for 100 days ( a little over 3 months!) by using this link- Try Digit Free for 3 months! Look how much I've saved in a little over 3 months :-)


I'm a bit newer to the Qapital app, but I think it's also a really great tool to use with your small savings goals.

How it Works: Qapital allows you to choose your goals and set up rules to trigger automatic deposts to your Qapital account. The most popular rule ( and the one I've set for my account) is the Round Up rule. This rule lets you round up your change to the nearest $1- $5 whenever you make a purchase with the card linked to your Qapital account. I have my account set to round up $2 per charge.

You can also set up daily/weekly/monthly transfer rules to set it and forget it, charge yourself for your guilty pleasures, or set a spending cap and have the remainder automatically transfer when you come under budget. 

Qapital is free to use and you can sign up by using my link- Sign up for Qapital!

Both of these apps allow you to also earn money when you get a friend to sign up.... so share the wealth!