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A Culinary Adventure in Old San Juan// Flavors of San Juan Food Tour

San Juan has become a new favorite destination of mine. While popular for its beautiful beaches, lush landscapes and  historical sites, San Juan is also home to some of the most delicious cuisine in the Caribbean. As I entered adult-hood and  began to expand my palette, I became enamored with Caribbean food. The fresh, spicy and bold flavors keep me interested and coming back for more. 

During my most recent visit to San Juan, taking a food tour was a top priority of mine. While there's no shortage of cafes cooking up cocina criolla (thanks Yelp!), I wanted to learn more about the history of San Juan while eating my way through this historic neighborhood. And what better way to learn about a city than through its cuisine!  Taking a food tour allows you to learn more about a place's culture and get inspiration for the rest of your trip. To help me with this endeavor, I turned to Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours and joined one of their daily Old San Juan Food tours. 

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