The Travelpreneur’s Scaling Academy

How to build a profitable travel business and consistantly land your dream clients!

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The travel industry isn’t dying.

Global tourism is a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Will you get a piece of it?


There’s room for you to build
a profitable business if you could just master these 3 things:

  • Dominate your industry with a stand-out niche
  • Attract your ideal client with packages and itineraries they love, but make you solid commissions
  • Have the systems and tools to operate like a travel agency, even as a solo travel agent.

The good news is, you aren’t alone.

There are many travel entrepreneurs who, like you, are excited by the idea of making a living helping clients travel, but are struggling to find their place and profitability in this industry. I was one of them.


During my first year as a travel agent, I only booked $80,000 in travel. But in my second year in business, I quadrupled my bookings to $320,000. My commission increased 275% by following the step-by-step actionable plans that I teach you inside this course.


The Travelpreneur’s Scaling Academy is for you if you’re:

  • Interested in getting into the travel business full-time, but you don’t have the tools or resources to increase your commissions.

  • Already in business, but hemorrhaging money, because agency fees and commission splits costs you more than the money you’re bringing in.

  • Feeling stuck, because you can’t figure out how to get more clients or bookings.

  • Obsessed with traveling and are always planning and organizing trips for your friends and family, but it's not translating into profit.

  • Frustrated because you’ve already spent all this time and money creating your travel business without seeing actual results.


The Travelpreneur’s Scaling Academy

our step-by-step Course to building & scaling your travel business with ease and systems.

After completing this 1-day intensive, you’ll feel less stressed out, have a roadmap for building your business, and a plan for what to do in the next 90 days to book more clients. You’ll learn everything there is to know about building a travel business into a stable stream of income.

On Saturday, June 15, you’ll spend the day with me working through the following curriculum that I developed from my own trial and error.


Module 1:
Finding Ideal Clients

Profitability comes from dominating your niche in the travel industry. Together, we will discuss the various travel niches that exist, determine your client profile, and how to market to those ideal clients.

Module 2:
Designing Profitable Trips

Do you know how to design trips that make you the most commission with the least amount of work? In this module, you will discover the best vendors for specific destinations, understand how to build proposals and provide quotes, as well as unlock vendor freebies like extra commission, bonus cash booking, and upsells. We will also cover how to create your own branded experiences so you become the go-to person in your market.

Module 3:
Finding Ideal Clients

In order to increase your revenue, you need to operate like a professional travel agency with systems and branded materials that make you stand out. With an influx of clients, things can get disorganized, payments can slip through the cracks, and you can end up overworked and underpaid. During this module, we will cover invoicing, proposals, developing an automated follow-up system, commissions, and managing client trips.


With the help of this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a sustainable business plan
  • Organize bankable trips
  • Organize Access tools and resources that will make running your business smooth-sailing

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Meet Your Coach

Jalyn is a travel consultant that helps busy people travel to their dream destinations without the hassle and stress of planning and logistics. As a certified travel consultant, she has worked with over 200 clients in the past two years and has provided guidance and assistance to aspiring travel consultants to help build their business. She is currently the Chief Travel Advisor at Jaunts and Gems Travel where she is building her own team and curating amazing travel experiences for her clients.


You can be successful in the travel industry,
and that starts today…

You can finally stop:

  • Doubting your potential for great success as a travel consultant
  • Second-guessing your every move and making tons of avoidable mistakes along the way
  • Doubting the relevance of travel industry... It’s thriving and you deserve a piece of the industry’s success